Cecilia Andrews

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Cecilia is a gifted Spiritual Shamanic Healer of God. Her Spiritual Healings sessions have assisted many others in their life journeys.  Over six years ago, her natural gifts became even more refined and advanced as she explains:

Since meeting my spiritual teacher in February 2012 I have been committed to having regular healings on a monthly basis and haven’t missed an event or healer training workshop continuing to grow spiritually and to enhance my work as a healer enabling me to also share these gifts with those who have sessions with me.

In the Summer of 2014, God opened another door for me to work side by side with my teacher to help his students and assist in coordinating the events training workshops at his healing center in Whittier, California. There are no words for the gratitude and appreciation I feel to God, my Guardian Angel, all of God’s Angels, Archangels and Spirit Guides who assist me.  And, most especially to Victor for the transformation, growth and healing that has happened for me since beginning training with him.

I firmly believe in being at the right place and the right time, and I continue to follow God’s plan for me. Now, an Advanced Level 3 Healer of the 7 Levels that there are, I am humbled at what God allows me to do as his instrument to help humanity. There are no words to describe the feeling and love that washes over me with each of God's blessings along with the anointment of the Holy Spirit to do this work in each healing modality I have learned. What an amazing journey it has been.  Read more about Cecilia's personal story at My Journey

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 "I am blessed to know Cecilia as a fellow Spiritual Healer as well as our teacher's assistant.  We have shared years of training and spiritual experiences, and I trust her completely as a healer and spiritual sister. She has humility, spiritual strength, integrity, and is dedicated to serving God and humanity. In charge of the healing center, Cecilia is organized, productive, and kind. She supports all the healers and clients as well as Victor. She handles this with grace, warmth, and a sense of humor. Thank you for all you do, Cecilia!"  -Cheryl - Virginia