Spiritual Shamanic Healings
of God


"Divine intervention is always guiding our lives, take a moment to thank God for finding your way to these beautiful healings. In this present time, God’s miracles and blessings are needed more than ever. As an instrument of God, I intercede on your behalf to bring healing and clearing to your life be it spiritual, emotional, mental or physical. I work with a team of Archangels, Angels and Spirit Guides of High Frequency, and blessings are imparted by way of God, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit and our Beloved Mother, Lady of Guadalupe, Virgin Mary."    

These very powerful spiritual clearings are unlike any healing you have ever experienced, they are designed to deeply cleanse and remove everything that prevents you from living the life you desire. Every individual’s experience and every healing will be different depending on your specific needs at the time of your session. Spiritual healer Cecilia Andrews will assist you to free you from:

  • Depression, sadness, stress, worry, anxiety, panic attacks

  • Heavy burdens and hopelessness

  • Blocks and impediments that prevent you from moving forward.

  • Hurts, pain, traumatic and negative experiences

  • Fears, phobias, bad dreams, insomnia, suicidal thoughts

  • Negative emotions and thoughtforms, changes in personality

  • Negative spirits in your energy field and on your physical body

  • Harm put upon you; i.e. witchcraft, spells, curses

  • Physical aches, pain, fatigue, low energy

  • Ask for blessings of wellness and wellbeing

  • Bring an end to being withdrawn, unsociable and unfriendly behaviors

  • Lack of love for self and others, loneliness

  • Resentment and unforgiveness

  • Sudden or ongoing addictions

  • So much more, there are no limitations with God

Choose from a variety of spiritual healing sessions with Cecilia Andrews
*Personal Healings & Cleansings
*Home & Business Clearings

"I can only say from personal experience and from the changes I have seen in my own life and in the personas/lives of my clients. It is a beautiful thing to see how much God loves us. There are no words for the level of love and acceptance that you will feel for yourself as you continue your healing journey. Most importantly you will find the love that we all search for through partners, husbands and wife’s that has always been there, the love of God. I have felt it and I have seen my own light and the light of God and all the heavenly helper’s, a love that you cannot describe until you feel it for yourself, utter magnificent joy. I take a great responsibility as an instrument of God in helping you. I look forward to working with you, guiding you on your spiritual path and to help open doors to all of God’s blessings and the life that awaits you. " - Cecilia

To find out more or to schedule your session, contact Cecilia Andrews at 714-595-6653 or email: Cecilia@SpiritualShamanicHealerofGod.com