Home & Business Clearing and Blessing Sessions

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Cecilia Andrews provides special sessions for Spiritual Shamanic Home and Business Clearings and Blessings of God.

Some of the signs of a home or business needing a clearing:

  • Mysterious noises, sudden smells, weird phenomena taking place
  • Awareness of an invisible presence
  • Sudden conflict has become a repeated occurrence within your family or co-workers
  • Uneasiness or trouble sleeping in certain rooms
  • Lacking energy or motivation
  • Frequent or abnormal nausea while in your home
  • Sudden drafts of coldness passing by you
  • No movement in your business or blockages

A home or business clearing and blessing will consist of:

  • A thorough cleansing to disintegrate and remove all dirty, stagnant energies and emotional debris
  • Sweeping, pulling and vacuuming of all negative energy
  • Cutting through and severing of all negativity
  • A Blessing of all mirrors used as portals by the Spirit world
  • Negative spirits and ghosts will be removed
  • Removal of any witchcraft within your home or business
  • Close portals and vortexes that negative spirits use to get access into your home
  • Repair holes that generate uncomfortable empty & chilly sensations in areas of your home
  • Fix distortions that create stagnant, dirty and negative energy throughout your home
  • Repair and correct weak or torn magnetic energy fields that stop the flow of positive light energy
  • Balance and align grid and ley lines connected to the main gird line of the planet that create chaos and disruption withinyour household
  • Blessing to restore peace and harmony, for good communication, wellness and well-being, prosperity and movement, and for everything God wants to bring to you.

Home or Business Maintenance
Just as you should clear yourself periodically, I recommend yearly clearings to maintain your property, keeping your home or business free of normal unwanted energies and emotional debris

Cost of These Sessions
Costs vary depending on the size and location of your property, also differing if it is done on site or remotely.  The price can be more for onsite clearings because of the work involved to physically clear your home or business. Please call Cecilia at 714-595-6653 for further information and a price quote. Once you have a price quote, you can click on the appropriate Buy Now button. You will automatically be directed to PayPal and can enter your payment total in the blank "Unit Price" box.

Home Clearing & Blessing - Cost of Session as Arranged      

Business Clearing & Blessing - Cost of Session as Arranged        
"...Since we had the house cleared and blessed, we have noticed even more blessings pouring upon my family. Thank you God! Thank you Cecilia! You are an Angel sent by God."  —Lizbeth, Riverside, California
" I am finally at peace in my on home after a friend recommended having a house clearing with Cecilia. It is a horrible thing to feel uncomfortable in your own home. I always felt uneasy, especially in the living room and in our bedroom. I could not sit and watch television with my husband from the negativity I felt. Even worse yet, I could not sleep in our own bed. When she arrived to my home, she was able to sense all the pain, sadness, weakness, dizziness and heaviness I was experiencing. I was amazed. She was able to explain why I was feeling so much discomfort and emotions that were not my own. I had already tried other cleansings, but no change had come about. As she started to cleanse my home, I immediately ran to throw up and as she continued I could sense all the bad feelings leaving me. I started feeling lighter and stronger, all the pain and discomfort was lifted from my body. It was quite apparent that God's hand was at work here. Once the final blessing was done, I walked through each room. All I felt was peace and tranquility. I laid in my bed and the energy was so different. I have now been sleeping in my own bed, and I am now enjoying down time with my husband in our living room. I am forever grateful to Cecilia and highly recommend the House Clearing." —Tabare, Santa Fe Springs, California
" Cecilia Andrews was intuitively guided to our office in need of a healing after slipping on ice during a trip up to the snow. Being a healer herself, Cecilia noticed the stagnant and stuck energy while at our office and offered to help clear up the space and revitalize the energy of the building, she also taught us how to maintain the space and keep it clean and clear. Since the clearing, the change in energy flow has allowed our office to move forward in our business ventures with a clear vision as well as help our patients with healing and their own energy."  —Lotus Health Center, Los Alamitos, California

For more information about your Home or Business Clearing and Blessing with Cecilia in English or Spanish

 Call: 714-595-6653 or Email: Cecilia@SpiritualShamanicHealerofGod.com

Please Note
Spiritual Shamanic Healings of God are not a substitute for medical or psychological diagnosis and treatment. Spiritual Shamanic Healings are for the purpose of spiritual healing and healing of the outer bodies to assist a person in their own physical healing. It is also for stress reduction and relaxation. Cecilia does not diagnose conditions, nor does she perform medical treatment or prescribe medications. Cecilia's work is complementary to regular traditional and alternative healing therapies.